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Pulled Pork

Pork Loin was incredibly cheap, so I grabbed some and hit up Newton for a pulled pork recipe.  Overall I wasn’t exactly pleased with the end result, but it wasn’t half bad.  However, I would choose a different recipe in the future.  Fun fact, most the liquid in the crock pot for this was root beer, which gave it an awesome and interesting flavor.  Huge fan of that random flavoring idea:

The rest of it was more of a soy/mustard type of marinade, which I thought would work out better.

There was also something else in here that was more unique, but sadly what it was escapes me at the moment.  Here is the mixture ready for action:

Then, after 7ish hours of slow cooking it was ready.  I think my overall complaint was that it tasted too sweet for me. I generally prefer spicy pulled pork over sweet ones, but I should have been that coming when the marinade called for root beer.

Regardless, it was super cheap and covered a dinner and several lunches, so that part of it was good.